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APT College believes that participation in industry affiliations and professional associations enable us to maintain a current perspective on educational and technical trends to help assure quality and focus. APT College participates in these organizations to support and assist in their goals and objectives. These cooperative efforts strengthen the intended benefits and enhance the quality of educational outcomes.

Communications Workers of America (CWA)
APT is a CWA represented vendor with Local 9509 out of San Diego, California and also works closely with IBEW. Why are union affiliations important? Because APT wants to help members achieve success in their careers or in changing careers by providing courses that teach valuable skills and the required knowledge to pass position entrance examinations. We also provide valuable industry certifications to help members promote and transfer to new job positions. (www.local9509.net)

CWA/NETT Academy
APT College is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the CWA/NETT Academy. We now have the opportunity to reach out to all CWA members across the nation! APT College is committed to providing union members with high quality education which supports their professional and educational goals.

Allied Printers Union (part of CWA)
APT's office staff are members of Local 14904, Allied Printing of Southern California #650. Note: ALL course materials, marketing flyers and brochures, correspondence materials, etc. are all printed by dues paying union members. APT is proud to help the United States workers by displaying its own union label “Allied Printing of Southern California # 650”.

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