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Interactive and Collaborative Distance Learning Education

We understand the challenges our students face in managing work commitments, family, and a myriad of other competing life priorities while pursuing degree or certification programs. This is where we can help!

APT College is a distance learning institution accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Our programs are delivered in online and blended modalities via a Learning Management System platform.  Online courses are offered in a 9 week framework online. Blended courses, due to their complexity and unique lab requirements, have both an online and in-class component that is typically offered in a 5 week (10 session) framework.

As you navigate our distance learning programs you will find that the majority of your learning and assessment activities will be completed outside of the classroom at a time and place of your choosing! This flexibility will help you pursue your educational goals while juggling competing priorities that are important to you.

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When you take a course at APT College, you will login into our online Learning Management System – the eLearning Portal -- to read eTextbooks, watch video lectures, view videos on skills pertinent to the course, solutions to practice problems, and get hands on experience via lab simulators.  You will also complete required course activities such as  quizzes, essays, exams, course projects, lab activities, and End of Course Evaluations (we value your feedback!) completely online.

What is the eLearning Portal? APT’s eLearning Portal is a collaborative environment where you complete interactive learning activities , engage our staff and faculty for help 24/7, meet and explore topics with your classmates, and connect to other resources. One resource is our Online Library where you can further develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you be more effective and competitive in your field today.

New to the distance learning environment? No problem! We designed the eLearning Portal to include orientations and other content to set you up for success during your stay time with us.  The eLearning Portal will be central to your online education here at APT College. So what are the real benefits, challenges, and requirements of an online education?

The Benefits, Challenges, and Requirements of an Online Education

Our online courses are offered in an asynchronous format. This means that you can engage content, instructor, and classmates any time 24/7, via any device, and literally from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Online Course Benefits

  • Interact with your instructor and classmates in an online courseroom anytime 24/7. No scheduled sessions
  • Engage dynamic multi-media course content at a time and place of your choosing
  • Conveniently integrate your educational goals into your busy schedule
  • Participate in discussion forums with the instructor and your classmates where you will have an opportunity to collaborate, think critically, challenge what you learn, and ask questions
  • Online Student Challenges

  • While online courses offer a great deal of flexibility, you will work independently and be required to display a greater degree of self-discipline and commitment. In order to be successful you must:
    • Create your own schedule around the instructor’s roadmap posted online. To stay on track, make sure you complete all of the reading assignments and distance learning activities (quizzes, exams, short answers, etc.) on time
    • Minimize distractions by creating a workplace at home where you can focus on your studies
    • Manage your time effectively to complete course requirements incrementally across the 9 week course duration
    • Follow guidance in the Academic Policy, course syllabus, course announcements, and other notes posted in the forums by your instructor

    Online Course Requirements

  • You need a computer, and a reliable Internet connection to complete all of the activities on-line
  • You will also need a webcam to complete proctored exam requirements during your course
  • In addition to completing activities and earn a minimum grade of “C”, you must actively participate in discussion forums by responding to the instructor and to their classmates for a minimum required number of times
  • Online study is challenging, but very convenient for you. With some determination, you can work around your busy schedule and be able to complete online courses to achieve your career goals!


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