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APT College welcomes and encourages qualified applicants to apply for any of the programs of study offered by the College. Admission is based on evidence of a student's ability to benefit from the selected educational program. APT College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, gender and/or physical or mental disabilities.

Admissions Criteria 
APT College enrollment is open only to telecom, cable, electric power utility or related industry personnel eligible for employer tuition assistance.
Students employed by a telecom, cable, electric power utility or related industry that will be eligible for education funds but have not yet attained their benefits date, or may have exceeded their annual tuition assistance allotment may apply for an exception.  The exception will be considered by the APT College academic committee.

Professional Development Students
The College offers single course registration to applicants not interested in completing a program of study. Professional development students may take any amount of courses they wish and may transfer the credits earned for each course into an APT college program of study (degree program or professional certificate).

Course Registration and Enrollment Agreement
All eligible students are required to complete and sign an APT College Enrollment Agreement when registering for a course. Student signatures on these agreements are acknowledgement that they have been given reasonable time to read and understand the conditions of the Enrollment Agreement, including the APT College Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy, Refund Policy, Attendance and Progress Policies, and Student Code of Conduct. It also confirms that they have read the “School Performance Fact Sheet.” published in the College website.  Specific tuition fees and funding options will be specified on the Course Enrollment Agreement.
Students wishing to change their registration status (e.g. cancel, withdraw) must comply with the Refund Policy and submit notification to the APT College Office of Admissions and Records in writing.
Click here to learn about Cancellation and Refund Policies, or refer to the College Catalog for more information

Admission to Associate Degree and Certificate Programs

Students who enroll in an APT College course enter as “Conditionally Admitted” (non-degree) students.  In order to matriculate as a fully-admitted, degree-seeking student, applicants are required to:

  1. Submit a completed and signed Application for Admission form
  2. Submit evidence of high school completion, or equivalent:
    1. Official High School transcript
    2. Official GED certificate
    3. International and homeschooled students must have completed a secondary school program that is equivalent to the 12th grade in the United States and provide an appropriately authenticated program completion document issued by a governmental authority or school supervisor that attests to the successful completion of a program considered to be equivalent to an appropriately accredited high school transcript or GED certificate
      1. Transcripts written in any language other than English must be translated into English and both the original transcript and translation must be submitted
    4. A certified copy of a service member’s DD 214 or DD1966 indicating that the applicant has completed high school
  3. Submit official college and/or university transcripts from an appropriately accredited institution* (if applicable)
    1. Official transcripts from all previously attended educational institutions (if applicable)
    2. Official college-level exam score reports (if applicable)
    3. Official international transcript evaluation and evidence of English proficiency (if applicable)


*Appropriately accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or an accepted foreign equivalent that is listed in the International Handbook of Universities.

Admission Committee Review

Upon receipt, the College will evaluate the applicant’s complete application for admission packet. If the applicant is accepted, program requirements will be reviewed with the student by their assigned Education Representative and the student will be given a Credit Evaluation Worksheet which will list the requirements and course options available to the student based on their accepted Catalog Year.
All admissions documents will become the property of APT College and are retained as part of students’ permanent records.
Students who cannot produce valid high school transcripts (or equivalent) cannot matriculate as a degree-seeking student at APT College. Self-certification for High School Diploma is accepted only for students seeking a professional certificate.

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