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Use the following contact list to get expedited Student Services:

Technical Assistance: studentservices@aptc.edu
Please use this email for any technical assistance with your online courseroom.

Funding Assistance: funding@aptc.edu
For questions regarding funding your education, please first contact your education representative for they likely have detail information at hand; or use this email address.

Vouchers and Screen Shots: vouchers@aptc.edu
Please use this email to submit copies of funding vouchers, "Pass" screenshots, letters of credit, or similar.

Registrar Assistance: registrar@aptc.edu
Please use this email for assistance regarding the transfer of credits, agency exams, academic compliance, or accreditation.

Academic Grievance and Appeal form
Admission Application
Application for Admission Checklist
Application for Reinstatement
Course Cancellation and Withdrawal form
Enrollment Agreement
Graduation Application
Instructions for Writing the Experiential Learning Credit Essay
Official Transcript Request form
Request for Experiential Learning Credit

FOR ALL GENERAL INQUIRIES: aptc@aptc.edu or, simply CALL: 800.431.8488

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