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Course tuition for both online and blended courses varies according to credit hours awarded as depicted in the table below. Tuition fees include textbooks, instructional materials, lab simulators (where applicable), equipment usage, third party exam proctoring services, technology access, library services, educational services, and industry certification and license exam fees when proctored by APT College.

Semester Credit Hours Online Webcast Blended
1.5 $875 $875 $875
3.0 $1750 $1750 $1750
4.0 $2200 $2200 $2200

Estimated total cost for an associate degree is $35,000.
Estimated total cost for a professional certificate composed of three courses included in a degree program is $5,250.


Discounts may be applicable to well defined groups of students depending on the employer tuition funding source they have access to.  APT College accepts the maximum course tuition rate allowed by the student’s tuition provider if that rate is less than the course cost stated above.  APT College will also accept a discounted rate if the student has reached his/her annual tuition benefit cap for the year as long as the tuition benefits have been spent with our institution.

Student Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel your enrollment agreement from a course of instruction or program of study at any time. You have a right to a full (100%) refund of all monies paid if you withdraw or cancel within the seven (7) calendar day “Cooling Off” Period after midnight (Pacific Time zone) of date the Enrollment Agreement was validated or by midnight of the first scheduled course date, whichever is later.

If you have an accepted Student Payment Agreement and withdraw from a course, you are responsible for a percentage of the tuition depending on the length of the course completed. If you pay for the course up front, you may withdraw from any course after instruction has started and receive a refund according to the Refunds Table below.

You can communicate your desire to be cancelled from a course or a program in any manner; however, a written notice is preferred. Click here if you prefer using a predefined form. Send the notice to: “ATTN: Admissions and Records” via email (at studentservices@aptc.edu), fax (888-431-8588), or letter (click here to read the APT College mail address).

Once the request has been processed, you will receive a Cancellation Letter and refund of received payment within 30 days pursuant to the Refund Policy described below.

Refund Policy

The refund of the remaining tuition will be based on the following table:

Length of Course: Student Tuition Assistance Reimbursement Percentage of Tuition the Student is Responsible for: Student Prepaid Percentage of Tuition Refunded to the Student
1 - 9 weeks

1st week – 20%
2nd week – 30%
3rd week – 40%
4th week – 50%
5th week – 60%
6th week – 70%
7th week – 80%
8th week – 90%
9th week – 100%

1st week – 80%
2nd week – 70%
3rd week – 60%
4th week – 50%
5th week – 40%
6th week – 30%
7th week – 20%
8th week – 10%
9th week – 0%

1 - 5 weeks

1St week – 30%
2nd week – 60%
3rd week – 80%
4th week – 100%

1St week – 70%
2nd week – 40%
3rd week – 20%
4th week – 0%

Example Refund Calculation – Student Tuition Assistance Reimbursement: Student withdraws from a course approved for tuition assistance (e.g. Mobility $1,750) in the 3rd week of a 9-week course, the student owes APT College $700 (40% of $1,750) of the tuition for the course. Since the student chose to withdraw from the course, they are no longer eligible for tuition assistance funds.

Example Refund Calculation – Student Prepaid: Student has paid $1,750 for a 9-week course and withdraws from the course during the 4th week, APT College will refund $875 (50% of $1,750) of the tuition paid to the student. APT College retains $875 (50%) of the course tuition.

You may be administratively cancelled from the course if you do not attend the first two weeks of class (online) or the first two sessions (blended) without prior arrangement with the College. If the College cancels a course, all students in that course will receive a full (100%) refund of all monies paid.

For more information on tuition, fees, cancellation, refund policies please click College Catalog.

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